14 December

Tips for Those Who Want to Buy Pit Bikes Online

For people who wish to buy pit bikes online, choosing the right one can be difficult, especially if you do not have enough knowledge on dirt bikes. These tips can help you choose a quality bike for your next motocross.

For many people, choosing a great pit bike is necessary as it will go through regular wear and tear, as well as extreme usage. It will go through mud, sand, and other types of tracks, so it is essential that enthusiasts purchase durable pit bikes. However, how can you know that the pit bike that you will purchase will withstand all the conditions that it has to go through? Before you buy pit bikes online, here is a checklist of what you must look for in this versatile version of the standard motorbike.

1. If you have a lot of cash to spend, go ahead and buy dirt bikes online that are new. You can purchase them from various websites that specialise in selling these bikes. If you’re on a budget, however, look for cheaper versions of it or consider buying a used one. On the other hand, used bikes do not usually come with warranties so check if the bike is still in a mint condition to prevent you from buying a lemon.

2. Dirt bikes, nowadays, are usually powered by Chinese engines, such as Lifan and YX. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the engines made by these Chinese manufacturers is second-rate. These engine manufacturers develop top of the line engines that power many of the dirt bikes that are out on the market today.

3. When you want to buy dirt bikes online, you must first determine if you want to purchase custom-built motocross bikes, enduro bikes, or off road dirt bikes.

4. You probably do not need this article if you’re a mechanic. If you do not know much about dirt bikes to fill a 3 by 5 system card, however, bring a friend who knows about these types of bikes along with you when you purchase one. He can help you check the specifications, as well as any damages on the bike, which will be very helpful especially when you’re purchasing a used one.

5. For those who want to buy pit bikes online, it is best that you go to the dealer’s location so you can inspect it thoroughly.

6. If you’re looking to buy dirt bikes online, consider if you want to go for speed or durability. A lightweight bike with a smaller engine is good for speed. If you’re gunning for durability, consider buying a sturdier type of bike.

7. If you want to buy pit bikes online, check the availability of parts and accessories with the dealer where you have purchased the bike. You can also purchase riding gears from them, such as body armours, sticker kits, goggles, and helmets. In addition, check if the website has information on pit bikes’ parts, such as diagrams, assembly information, and how you can remove or change some of the bikes’ parts.

For people who want to buy dirt bikes online, looking for one is easy. However, finding the right one that would suit your personal taste and still have great quality can be difficult, especially when you’re shopping online. So, remember these tips on how you can purchase a great dirt bike the minute you turn your computer on to purchase that bike online.

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30 November

The Greatest British Formula-1 Drivers of All Time

Mike Hawthorn

During the 1950s, Mike Hawthorn was one of Britain’s most esteemed drivers. Born in 1934, he made his Formula-1 debut in 1952 at the Belgian Grand Prix where he finishing in fourth place. A year later he won his first Formula-1 race at the French Grand Prix at Reims. His gave his most memorable races with the Jaguar team after he joined them in 1955. He was also memorably known for his publicised friendly rivalry with Italian driver Luigi Musso of the Ferrari team, who he and fellow British driver Peter Collins were constantly challenged by.

The three men frequently took risks when competing in motorsport, the kind that are now illegal in Formula-1 racing. In 1959, just months after his retirement, Hawthorn died at the age of 29 while driving his Jaguar 3.4-litre along the A3 Guildford bypass. His death came less than 18 months after both Musso and Collins died in motor racing competitions; accidents that allegedly influences Hawthorn’s decision to retire.

Jackie Stewart

Scottish driver Jackie Stewart made his Formula-1 racing debut in 1965, and quickly established himself as one of the sport’s best known names with a number of championship wins for the BRM team, making him a symbol of the swinging 1960s British culture. He is notable for his work off the track too. Following an accident when driving for the Tyrell team in 1966 which left him trapped upside down in a potentially life-threatening situation for 25 minutes, Stewart began campaigning for safer driving regulations in Formula-1. His efforts were met with much hesitation form Formula-1 officials who felt his comments were harming the sport’s image. Nevertheless, his safety campaigns were instrumental in the changes that followed during the 1970s, and today he is just as revered for this work as he is for his racing achievements.

Nigel Mansell

Arguably the most recognized of British Forula-1 drivers, Nigel Mansell won just about every title a driver could win during the 1980s. As of 2013, he currently has more titles than any other British diver with 31 victories, and is sixth overall on the Formula One all-time highest race winners list, having has been part of rally driving experiences with four of the most admired and successful teams: Lotus, Williams, McLaren, and Ferrari.

He ended his fifteen year career in 1995, but since his retirement has remained active off the track through his work as the President of ‘UK Youth’, the UK’s largest youth-work charity. He has also remained a name in motorsport due to his time as the President of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists).

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29 November

Inside The Mind Of A Professional Race Car Driver – Tips For Success

Auto racing is a funny thing. I usually compare it to golf. A golfer can buy amazing clubs, the best golf balls, nice clothes, and professional golf lessons but still their score may not improve because of invisible forces within a person’s mind which inevitably leads them to failure on the golf course. Racing teams can buy the best vehicle, tires, radios, pit equipment, matching clothing, and secure the best pit crew but these things will not solidify a podium finish. Obviously these things are needed to participate but if a driver can’t finish a race is all for naught.

Analyzing The Race Car Driver

The key to auto racing victory lies inevitably inside the mind of a driver. Inside his/her mind are invisible personality traits that are engrained into the subconscious which dictate their reactions and foresight on the race track.

A driver who is insecure will continuously not reach the podium because of their own personality traits. This type of driver seeks ego boosting moments instead of simply finishing races. Just like a competitive teenager, little passes and nudges by other drivers will trigger irrational decisions during pressure situations. Decisions that are less probable to have a positive outcome. A good example would be driving too fast into a corner in an attempt to retake a competitor causing their vehicle to become loose.

A naturally talented driver is like a road visionary or a driving psychic. Almost like they can read other driver’s minds on the race track anticipating every move made and avoiding crashes. The vehicle becomes an extended limb of the person as they feel their way around the track not just “driving”. It’s an emotional and spiritual experience for them. Subconsciously they can read a track like a good golfer reads a putt.

It’s impossible to fully explain all of these mental qualities but any experienced professional can attest to them.

Tips To Help The Race Car Driver

If the race team discusses a plan before a race this creates pit crew expectations. During the race the driver must abide by that preset plan or everyone becomes disconnected mentally in the pits. Every person will begin second guessing themselves as they try to brainstorm new tactics for pit stops. This will begin a slippery slope until there is a complete breakdown of teamwork. A crew chief must ensure the driver is adhering to the initial plan more than anything else! If the driver won’t listen, they must be replaced or else the team will experience fuel mileage problems, tire issues, broken parts and frankly wasted money. For instance, if you say take it easy on the car and your driver is suddenly challenging the leader within ten minutes of the start. The driver is obviously completely ignorant to the “team plan” and feels he knows best. This is unacceptable.

Pit crew members are knowledgable in their respective areas. Sometimes a pit crew member knows a specific track or race better than anyone, almost like a local golf caddy. A driver must be open to debate and ingest information from the crew. Information about vehicle performance, weather, the track, other drivers, tactics and more. If a driver is closed minded to this input the race is already lost. Listening to crew members and acknowledging their input drastically improves attitudes in the pits. This is a staple of championship teams.

Remember to run your own race. You don’t need to prove anything or show up your competition. Your team and your sponsors will be served the greatest by a podium finish, or at the least finishing. Positive momentum will be created heading into future races and excitement will grow among everyone involved rather than disappointments which have a negative effect. Focus on keeping the vehicle healthy and listening to your pit crew’s advice.

I spent a decade in the auto racing business working with off-road, road course, rally car, American Le Mans, and NASCAR minor league race teams. I have worked with over 50 different race teams and met over a thousand auto racing drivers. I have countless hours of driving instruction and race logistics planning experience. The majority of my career was spent with a Porsche race car builder in California.

28 November

Sport Bike Equipment – Motorcycle Stands – Tips

Sport bike racing is an adrenaline-pumping activity. Flying down the track, weaving in and out of other racers, watching the track turn to a blur is a real rush. Another aspect of riding fast is it isn’t just exciting, it’s also dangerous. Racers protect themselves with the right equipment for the job. You need the best equipment to protect yourself from the road and to protect your bike during maintenance. Some essentials include a well-made helmet, protective boots, gloves, and armor, and well-made shop equipment like a bike stand to support your bike.

Motorcycle racing can get expensive fast. You need protective gear for safe riding. Even for non-racing, street riding many countries have made wearing of personal protective equipment the law. Protective clothing includes jackets, gloves, boots, and pants. Many of these items are typically made of nylon, leather, and even Kevlar. Kevlar is an expensive material but can prevent things from piercing into you if you fall on it hard, such as when you fall off your bike and land on a sharp object. You can see that the cost of riding can escalate quickly.

Racing jackets combine style, comfort, and protecting. Most of these jackets have armor in the shoulder and elbow area. Some have armor in the back and other high impact areas. Brands that are popular with motorcyclists include First Gear, Icon, Moose, Shift, Alpinestars, and Joe Rocket. All the aforementioned companies offer jackets made up of textiles or leather, in different sizes and types.

Motorcycle boots have motorcycle specific features such as air flow enhancements and reinforcements on the shifting foot. Many of them provide extra protection not found in ordinary boots. Popular bands include Alpinestars, Sidi, ICON, Puma, TCX, and AXO.

You’ll need gear designed for use during cold weather or warm weather, depending on when you race. Cold-weather gear could be uncomfortable and much too warm if you race in it during the summer. It’s bad enough that the wrong gear could be uncomfortable and affect your performance, but it could also make racing less safe.

Sometimes overlooked in the motorcycle safety area is the equipment used to work on a bike. Many accidents actually happen in the shop while performing maintenance. There are plenty of statistics showing heavy bikes falling over and causing injury. Your motorcycle is heavy, and if the motorcycle stand fails your bike will fall and possibly land on some part of your body. I suggest you look into a well-made, heavy-duty stand.

Inspect your equipment often and always make sure it’s in good working condition. If something you are wearing is involved in a crash, make sure to doublecheck it’s in working order. Having your body armor plat slip at just the wrong time can be devastating, painful, and possibly deadly.

Motorcycle riding and racing is a blast. You need to do it responsibly; make sure you know what you are doing, get training, and practice safe racing. Research and own the right equipment to keep you and other racers safe on the track.

28 November

Safety Measures in Auto Racing

The dangers that come with high speed driving cannot be over-emphasized. This usually presents a problem in auto racing where the essence and the thrill of the sport lie in speeding. A lot of accidents have happened in the sport and this has prompted car makers to develop certain technological features that ensure safety. Organizers have also put in place certain rules and regulations that are meant to reduce accidents on the track. However, the responsibility still falls on the driver who has to do their best to ensure that they do not get maimed or killed in a sport that they should enjoy.

The first thing that every rider should do before embarking on a race is to ensure that they have the right gear. Helmets are always insisted on in most races, but those who play for fun in streets rarely see its importance. A helmet could greatly reduce the extent of the injury to one’s head during an accident and it could save the driver’s life.

A nicely designed suit is also very important for the purpose of auto racing. Racing suits are usually quite fitting and they are padded around the chest, elbows and knees. This is also meant to reduce injury in these areas in case of accidents. Furthermore, the suits should be made from the right material in order to ensure that the driver is never inconvenienced while driving. This is because high speed driving results in a lot of heat and the driver could be easily dehydrated if they are in the wrong racing gear.

The experience of the driver should also be put in consideration when auto racing. Most racing drivers start with cart racing which is easier and relatively safer. Cart racing will provide a driver with enough practice in high speed racing so that if they ever get the chance, they will be able to driver better. It is only after getting the proper experience that the driver should go into the big leagues and try high speed racing.

A driver should always consider their ability as well as the car they are driving while auto racing. A driver should never drive beyond their ability or take a risk that is too much for them. Driving within their own comfort zone will give them the confidence to race properly in the game. Also, there are vehicles that have certain limits as well as safety features. If they intend to race, they should choose a vehicle that was made for racing and that has safety features. They should also choose a vehicle that can be able to get to the speeds their desire without posing any dangers to them.

However, the most important thing that a driver should do, regardless of their experience, is to always concentrate and focus on the road. A lot of accidents are caused by a driver being distracted. In high speed racing, a second is all it takes and one’s level of concentration could make the difference between life and death.

Auto racing can be a lot of fun, especially if the driver gets the opportunity to do it again. Observing these safety features will mean that the driver will get to enjoy the sport for as long as possible.

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